Why We Don’t Talk About Our Customers

Most internet companies use social proof to brag about the companies they have bagged a deal with, and who use their product. A logo, or quote from the customer on the website is often seen as standard and can be found on the homepages of SaaS products and internet technologies. We chose to go in a different direction at PageSeal.  

Generally speaking, the cybersecurity industry is pretty secretive. PageSeal is working hard in the cybersecurity ecosystem which means our clients aren’t in a place where they want to announce that they have any type of weakness or threat to their product and their existing client base.

You can see now why you won’t see actual customer’s names on our testimonials, and the reason why we don’t boast about our customers on our homepage. We want to protect our customers and their activities and focus on the task at hand.

We pride ourselves on having a strong team of industry experts and cybersecurity pros with us who have worked hard to build a client facing product that has managed to remove over 750 million injections of malware ads so far from our client base. Yes, you read right – 750 million!

Check out some of our anonymous client testimonials on our homepage to see what our customers are saying about us.

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